It's Lasting

We watched the chalk artists atThe San Diego County Fair create some masterpieces including this one of the reflecting pool at Balboa Park. Loved the way they poured their hearts into something so ephemeral. Within a few days a big hose will come along and obliterate these marvelous works.


Think of The Wishing Tree Company when you want to give a gift that will last a long time, perhaps even generations to come.

Peaches are here - Summer can't be too far behind! [click picture]

There is something wonderful about the fragrance and juicy sweetness of the first peaches of the year. Sure, there may be many more before the summer is over, but the first ones give you bragging rights. These are Eva's Pride and are almost always earlier than anyone else's in the neighborhood. Gotta stand over the sink to eat them. 'Nuff said.

50 Ways to Leaf Your Mother

Have you ever given your mom a gift for Mother's Day that she was still talking about the next year? No? Well, that's because you have been giving her such mundane and boring gifts that even you probably can't remember them from year to year. Now's the time for something amazing that really makes a statement. Apples, peaches, plums, persimmons.... something is sure to delight her. Time to think creatively - call us - we can help!

A Bond Like No Other...

[click to read full story] This big guy is Kronk and he was the best dog in the world. As you might guess, we planted a tree recently in his memory. Along with Kronk, we've planted in honor of Katie, Duke, Paxton, Bailey & Rex. As hard as it is to say good bye, there is so much comfort in knowing our best friends will not be forgotten. So much to learn from our dogs... they never hold a grudge, live in the present moment and never waste a single moment worrying about tomorrow. There are people who say they just aren't 'dog people' and my heart goes out to them.

Love love love those cherries!

cherry blossoms

If you live here in Southern California, you'd have to go quite a distance to see cherry trees in glorious bloom like this one - the Minnie Royal. These clouds of blossoms will be followed by sweet, juicy dark red cherries by the end of May or early June. Minnie and her friend, Royal Lee, are a pair o'cherries that thrive in warmer climates. Because you need them both to cross-pollinate, we think they make a fabulous baby gift when twins are expected. Check back in a couple months to see this year's cherry harvest. 

It's all about me...or you... I'm not sure!

[Click on the photo for the full story]

So, have you ever stopped to think about the rituals of gifting? Seems like most of us go out and buy something we'd really love to have. Or something that we think sends a message about who we are. For example, we think the gift says we are generous, thoughtful, creative, kind and loving. But should an important gift for someone very special in our lives really revolve around the gift-giver?

Now trending...

chicken and little girl

It's been several years now since the backyard chicken craze hit Southern California. Well, it may not actually be a craze yet, but I assure you there are thousands more chickens in the county now than say in 2010. Though we don't have any yet at Wishing Tree Ranch, we love getting free eggs from our chicken-whispering friends.

Kids in the garden

School gardens would have seemed like a silly idea when I was a kid. About half the US population back then lived in the country and raised food for all. These days, an apple could easily come from another continent and lots of kids don't recognize whole fruits and veggies in their original 'packages'. Kids need nature and nature needs kids. Read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.