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Make a Statement

You’ve earned your special clients’ business by providing extraordinary services and products. You want the relationship to continue to grow for years to come. So an “adequate“ thank you or special occasion gift just doesn’t fit. Our Garden Trees & Patio Trees make a statement that no gift card or bottle of wine could ever do. In a recent survey, affluent Americans were asked what they most desired from the gifts they receive. The results: a gift that’s lasting, memorable, an experience that doesn’t merely satisfy, it absolutely delights them. click here to read FORBES abstract

With our premium quality fruit trees, you’ll give them the memorable and delightful experience of picking tangy & sweet tangerines every winter, amazing juicy peaches every summer, or those indispensable lemons yearround. Our gorgeous shade and ornamental trees provide a fabulous annual display of spring flowers or fall foliage year after year. It’s a gift that honors the relationship you have built - that’s the magic of trees.

You know your clients well, so you’ll know when our trees are a great match for them. Folks who love to entertain, foodies, gardeners and nature lovers, for example. And if your brand speaks to enduring values, lifelong and multigenerational relationships, stability and trust, there is no better gift from you or your company to your MVCs, those most valued clients.

Here’s How it Works

Choose Patio, Garden or 3 Tree, select the tree or trees [or go with our Giftees’ Choice so they can pick their favorites] and we’ll take it from there. We’ll deliver a fancy gift basket featuring your personalized Garden Art Tree Tag. An elegant card tells them what you’ve sent and how to schedule the tree delivery and planting. Done. 

Patio Trees

Garden Trees 3

Tree Mini-Orchard