Palms in Paradise

san diego sunset with palms in profile

While the rest of the country seems to be caught in the 'bomb cyclone' winter that makes the headlines, we at The Wishing Tree Company can't help but smile. Here's what an ordinary day in January might look like by dusk. Sunny and 80 here at TWTC -today and every day in our hearts! Did you know palms are not really trees? Botanically speaking they are in the grass family. If you're ever on Jeopardy, we hope that comes in handy!

Planting love. Growing memories. [click on photo]

When we started The Wishing Tree Company years ago, we spent a lot of time looking for just the right words to sum up what TWTC is all about.

"Planting love. Growing memories." just sounded right. And now that those first trees have had time to grow big and beautiful, the love and the memories are so alive and vivid, especially for the many memorial trees we have planted. Whether it's a family member or a four-legged friend, our trees say they are never forgotten and always in our hearts.

Tree Envy!

Japanese Maples are one of the trees you just can't ignore. Here in Southern California,

they might not grow as big or as fast as this one at the home of renowned horticulturist Dannie McLaughlin

in Fox Island WA. But choose the right spot and give a little care, and you can get the same spectacular

tree -more beautiful year after year. We can do a special order for almost any tree - give us a call!


Cliche or not, today I hugged a tree [click on pic]

Eucalyptus deglupta

Long before I knew that trees were my destiny, certain friends called me a "treehugger." If that was meant to be a pejorative, it went right over my head. "Isn't everybody?" was my thought. No, I wasn't an activist beyond a check written to good causes and stewardship groups I admired. But I didn't think there was a cathedral on Earth that compared to the majesty of the redwoods, nor a luxury hotel penthouse that could rival camping in Yosemite or Sequoia.

For the Love of Mikey [click on pic]

If you've ever known the love of a special dog, grab a tissue and read on...

Mikey was a champion from Evergreen Labradors in Cottonwood, California near Redding. His kids, grandkids and great grandkids are scattered throughout Southern California - we've met some of them personally.

Huge, aristocratic and goofy, if you can picture that. Many champs themselves. So it was a very sad day, indeed, when Mikey's breeder, Carolyn Royal, shared the news of his journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

The Comfort of Natural Rhythms [click on pic]

When the world is in flux, there is always calm in the rhythm of the natural world.

That's one of the intangibles that you send your giftees when you give them a tree.

Especially with deciduous trees, there is the tenuous arc of fall to spring -- only a leap

of faith will convince you that this seemingly lifeless tangle of sticks will leaf out again

in full glory. Then its fragrant flowers whisper of the harvest to come. Tiny fruits survive

pests, storms, and your occasional benign neglect. And then one day you walk out and pull

Blessings! [click on pic]

When their real estate agents sent Ray & Jenn a beautiful patio tree, the Garden Art Tree Tag® was inscribed "Blessings on You Both". Can you think of a better way to bless someone special? For years to come, they will enjoy flowers, fruit, shade, beauty and even oxygen! from their housewarming tree. Bless my soul!

When Words are not Enough...

pretty blond lady with patio lemon tree

It's never easy to say goodby to a loved one or to comfort the family at such a tender time. And it's even harder to be many miles away. So when Mary [in Collegeville PA] found us online, she was pleased to be able to send Sherry [in Napa CA] a pretty and lasting patio lemon tree. We have a new planter up there! If you'd like to send a tree outside of our coastal Southern California service area, just give us a call. We'll do our best to make it happen.

You can't grow cherries here! [click on pic]

It happens every spring! Folks who are positive that we can't grow certain kinds of fabulous fruit trees are astonished to learn "Oh yes we can!"

Thanks to modern day breeding [note: these are hybrids and not 'genetically modified'], there are lots of wonderful fruits that will thrive here in

our 'perfect' climate. Look for low-chill varieties of stonefruits, apples, pears and yes, cherries. Or better yet, drop a big hint that you'd love

a gorgeous gift tree from The Wishing Tree Company. Then sit back and we'll do all the work.