Cucumber Trees...Who Knew? [click on pic]

magnolia tree, cucmber tree,

In the eastern US, especially in the southern Appalachians, these magnolias are truly the giants of the tree world. Seeing one 'unclothed' gives a true impression of its size. And just imagine watching her dress in green finery come spring. Photo by David Glass.

Lemon Tree, Very Pretty [click on pic]

Wasn't that Trini Lopez who made the song famous back in the days of folk singers and simpler times? If you remember Trini, check the obituary columns to be sure you are not mentioned - LOL! But seriously, folks... If you are here in Southern California and don't have a lemon tree, that must mean your nearby neighbors do. Because one tree usually supplies enough lemons for everybody on the block. That means every seafood dinner, every pitcher of fresh lemonade, every apple pie [the juice keeps the apples from turning brown] and every martini with a twist for the entire block.

Free Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop [click on pic]

fruit tree pruning, free workshop,

Join us on Saturday, January 14th for a free and fun workshop.

We'll be demonstrating proper fruit tree pruning techniques for prettier, healthier and more fruitful trees.

And everyone gets a chance to practice on our trees. See our Facebook page for details under Events.  or give us a call to reserve your spot at 760-753-1760

Making a House a Home

Mom and three boys with patio lemon tree

When the Arnolds moved to Encinitas, they left family and friends far behind back east. Imagine how much they'll enjoy this loving housewarming gift. It's a  gorgeous Patio Lemon Tree [Eureka] that will remind them for years to come that they are loved and missed. Think there might be a lemonade stand in those boys' future!

In Honor of Autumn

Autumn always seems to arrive bringing a sense of astonishment. Can we really be near the end of the year already?

Even though Southern California is known to be perpetually sunny, there really are distinct seasons. Just ask any gardener.

And that's the glory of deciduous trees, like this magnificant dawn redwood at Bressingham Gardens north of London. While

our evergreens, like citrus, are often subtle in how they mark the seasons, the deciduous trees give every season all they've got.

Never too young to have your own tree

two little girls and their apple tree

It's getting close to apple season - shorter days, cooler nights and back-to-school ads everywhere you look.

These two cuties have their very own apple tree - a 'Pink Lady' from TWTC. They will remember picking their own apples right off the tree long after they've gone off to make their way in the world. Imagine a birthday gift that creates memories like that!