It's all about me...or you... I'm not sure!

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So, have you ever stopped to think about the rituals of gifting? Seems like most of us go out and buy something we'd really love to have. Or something that we think sends a message about who we are. For example, we think the gift says we are generous, thoughtful, creative, kind and loving. But should an important gift for someone very special in our lives really revolve around the gift-giver?

Now trending...

chicken and little girl

It's been several years now since the backyard chicken craze hit Southern California. Well, it may not actually be a craze yet, but I assure you there are thousands more chickens in the county now than say in 2010. Though we don't have any yet at Wishing Tree Ranch, we love getting free eggs from our chicken-whispering friends.

Kids in the garden

School gardens would have seemed like a silly idea when I was a kid. About half the US population back then lived in the country and raised food for all. These days, an apple could easily come from another continent and lots of kids don't recognize whole fruits and veggies in their original 'packages'. Kids need nature and nature needs kids. Read Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.

Originality Counts!

sweet juicy red cherries tied in a heart

It's easy to pick up a bottle of Champagne, box of artisanal chocolates or a gorgeous, if short-lived, bouquet and be done with the whole Valentine's Day thing. But don't think (s)he can't tell when your heart and maybe a little soul went into your gift selection. How much of an impression could you make with a beautiful Valentine's Day gift tree? - delivered and planted, of course.

Young at Heart

A widow who raised four children, Helen has been on her own for many years. She stays active and if you met her, you'd never guess she just turned 90! Her neighbors decided to honor the occasion with a beautiful patio lemon tree, which brought tears to Helen's eyes. She was absolutely delighted.

Really Love Your Peaches, Wanna Shake Your Tree!

Seen here: just a fraction of the amazingly sweet and juicy peaches that were harvested from Parker's Peach Tree.

It was the very first tree planted by TWTC and now supplies a whole neighborhood. Planting love. Growing memories.

That's what we do.

Cherry Time

We still get a big kick out of picking cherries from our own trees here in SoCal. But instead of waiting until July, we're picking in April.

And in May if we are smart and patient enough to let them get deep dark red and ripe. If you know a Taurus with a special birthday this year, they will love the gift of a gorgeous pair of cherry trees, delivered and planted, of course.