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Can't decide which patio tree to give? Why not let the giftees choose their favorite? With nearly a dozen excellent easy care patio trees, they are sure to find something ideal for their patio, deck or balcony.


Can’t decide which of these great Garden Trees to give? Why not allow the recipients to choose their favorite? They can select from dozens of fruit, flowering ornamental and shade trees that are perfectly matched for our soils and climate. 


Another gorgeous edible and ornamental tree that offers fall and winter color, delicious fruit and a focal point for small and medium size gardens. The Fuyu is the all-time favorite and will do well in all Southern California climates. Fantastic and thoughtful gift for fall birthdays and winter holidays.

Pomegranate fruit

An ancient tree that's never been more popular, pomegranates are a fabulous fall/winter gift for the holidays, weddings or any very special occasion. 'Ambrosia' has pale pink skin and it's lovely on the tree in the gray of winter. But its brilliant red seeds are bursting with sweet and tangy juice that is loaded with antioxidants, so it is more than just pretty! This tree will work well in coastal climates as well as inland. We'll deliver it and plant it, but you'll get all the appreciation...

patio fig tree in a pot

Fabulous figs for the fabulous folks in your life! Dress up anyone's patio, deck or balcony with a pretty potted tree that produces delicious fruit [wait for it...] twice a year! Celebrate a very special occasion or send it "Just Because." Either way, the sweet, rich-flavored 'Brown Turkey' will thrive in any sunny spot. We deliver and plant it up in a stylish container - and you get all the glory for choosing a lasting and gorgeous gift.


Celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or wedding with a gift of sweet, delicious figs -twice a year! The Brown Turkey is a favorite for this reason, not to mention the loads of purplish-brown fruit that are such a treat late in the summer and again late in the winter. Easy to grow and striking in the garden.


Glossy leaves, fragrant flowers and beautiful, deep-colored fruit - this classic citrus tree has it all! Great cooks love this lemon for its thin skin and juicy pulp. Less acidic and a bit sweeter than the Eureka. A beautiful addition to any patio, deck or sunny balcony.

satsuma mandarin tangerines

A superb evergreen patio tree, the 'Satsuma' mandarin produces small, juicy and seedless fruit with an irresistibly sweet and delicate flavor. This is a winter treat that people wait for all year in Southern California, so it makes and especially nice gift for Christmas and other winter holidays.


Imagine a lemon that looks like a tiny watermelon - that's our wonderful 'Pink Lemonade' lemon Patio Tree. It has pale pink flesh and a pronounced tang when fruit is fully ripe. Many a dish is improved by a bit of zest. Variegated leaves also make lovely decorative cuttings for a vase. The perfect gift for anyone who likes to be just a little different!