Serving San Diego County and nearby areas

Quick FAQs for Giftees

1. How do I get my tree?

Call us at 760-753-1760 - we prefer a call so we can quickly get the details and answer questions about your yard, best locations, sun / shade factors and so forth.

2. What is Giftee’s Choice?

Giftee’s Choice allows you to choose your favorite Garden Tree or Patio Tree. The 3 Tree Mini-Orchard is always Giftee’s Choice. If you were sent a particular tree but have another in mind, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work.

3. Does it expire?

No, there is never an expiration on your gift tree. We’ll be ready when you are.

4. I love it but... How to donate my gift tree?

There may be a reason that you would rather not receive your gift tree. We are happy to arrange to donate your tree to a local school or community garden, hospital healing garden or other charitable recipients.

5. Site Preparation

Most Patio Trees will need about a 3’ x 3’ space and whatever sun or shade your variety of tree prefers. Garden Trees’ needs will vary but is important that the site drains well and is free of current vegetation, roots & rocks. Our planters bring hand tools only, so the site must be “reasonably diggable”. Most of the year, it is helpful to pre-soak the planting area a few days in advance to help give your tree a great start.