money tree, pachira aquatica, feng shui tree

Just like our garden trees, Little Trees are a memorable and lasting gift. The Pachira or 'Money Tree' is a tropical evergreen prized for its bright green leaves and tree-like form. It's a cinch to grow indoors, bringing a cool and calm presence to any home or office. In feng shui, Money Tree is popular for enhancing the flow of energy and abundance. Our unique leaf placque will be engraved with your best wishes [Congratulations!] or personalized for the giftee [James A. Madison,...

norfolk island pine, araucaria heterophylla

Just like our garden and patio trees, Little Trees make memorable and lasting gifts. They are wonderful for any home or office. The Norfolk Island Pine thrives indoors, is easy to grow and will remind someone how much you care. Unique leaf plaque is engraved with your best wishes [Happy Anniversary!] or personalized for the giftee [Welcome ~ Heaton & Associates]. Makes a most special Thank You Gift! This special introductory price includes personalized placque, easy care kit and delivery...

cherries with stems twisted into a heart

It's a fabulous combo and the only "two fer" available - the sweet and luscious Royal Lee and Minnie Royal cherries. Plant in a sunny spot for clouds of white/pink blossoms (think springtime in Washington DC!) and incomparably sweet and rich deep red fruit that ripens in May.  The Pair of Cherries is an unforgettable gift for the birth of twins, an anniversary or for anyone who waits all years for the cherries from the nrothwest to come into season. The flavor will knock their socks off! [...


In a word, spectacular! This cross between a nectarine and a plum retains the best traits of both. The flavor is very sweet with just the right amount of spicy. Dark red skin with mottled red and white flesh ripens in August. And the tree itself is gorgeous with pink-purple flowers and glossy dark red leaves that turn greenish in summer. NectaPlum SpiceZee® was developed by the legendary Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics of Modesto. Grows fast! A fabulous choice for every special occasion.

Red Baron peach tree flowers

Nothing short of spectacular, this peach offers a blaze of gorgeous double, deep rose colored blossoms. That’s followed by fine-flavored yellow freestone fruit that ripens over a four week period in July and early August. That’s four weeks of amazing fresh backyard peaches. Year after year!

Katy variety apricot tree

Katy offers attractive heart-shaped leaves and spreading growth habit. The fruit features beautiful golden skin with the palest pink blush and a sweet flavor and aroma. These large and flavorful treats ripen early  - ready to pick by mid-June in most areas.

fuji apple tree

When that first autumn chill is in the air, it's apple-picking time! Fuji's flavor is simply excellent – firm, crunchy, juicy, sweet. What more could you want? Fuji likes heat and is a great choice for inland climate zones. Enjoy the beautiful flower display in spring, then harvest in mid-September. An unforgettable gift for autumn-born babies of any age.

Eva's Pride peaches

This patented taste test winner was the very first offering from The Wishing Tree Company and rightly so! It’s a freestone yellow peach with outstanding rich flavor and excellent production in warm-winter climates. Nothing says “Summer’s here” like peaches in early June and Eva’s Pride will deliver. The perfect choice for Fathers Day, graduation gifts and June brides.

just picked burgundy plums

 Burgundy features dusky purple red skin with deep red, juicy sweet flesh. Mellow with little tang, these plums will ripen in early July. Amazingly, they will keep on the tree until early September for two months of wonderfully fresh fruit right from the backyard.