Holiday Joy 2018

Make this year truly special with a thoughtful, lasting gift. Our Garden Trees and Patio Trees are unforgettable and keep giving long after the holidays are a distant memory. Flowering ornamentals - easy, and delicious fruit trees - even a perfectly planted shade tree will remind them of your kindness for many years to come.

A Sister's Love is Forever

'Pink Lemonade' is the perfect memorial tree. And a great metaphor about making lemonade when life hands you...

Housewarming Done Right!

Mary Lou is still settling in but was tickled to received this gift basket from her Realtor. When she's ready, her tree will be carefully delivered and expertly planted. Insta-Tree!

Linda and the Lime Tree... Celebrating New Condo!

After a Realtor shows buyers dozens of homes, she has a pretty good idea of who would appreciate a citrus patio tree. That was Linda, for sure. This lovely lime tree joins three others that she has already planted at her new place. Citrus in bloom smells like heaven!

Remembering Mom

No lovelier way to remember than with a memorial tree. This one is from her dear friend in loving memory.

Selling Homes Left & Right!

Realtor Allen Meredith is a North County specialist who gives his buyer clients the perfect housewarming gift: our gorgeous trees, delivered and planted, of course. Congrats on another great year!

One Tree - Four Seasons

Anya's Tree is a gorgeous 'Forest Pansy' redbud. First to bloom in winter, brilliant red hearts by spring, deep green for summer and this golden flourish in autumn.

And Baby Anya is a big girl now!

"They Said it Would Never Last"

Well, that was 40 years ago - looks like they're going to make it after all! Mike and Janie with their Anniversary Lemon Tree. Cheers to many more years!

Happy Mother's Day in November

The peach trees areready for a rest but it will be a great spring for Marianne.

'Eva's pride' is a very early, very tasty peach that will be ready right around Mother's Day.

The 'Babcock' is the super-sweet white fleshed peach that will follow in July.

Alex, You Blossom LOVE & JOY!

New home, baby on the way, dogs and 3 year old means you're too busy to do a lot of the gardening you dream of. What a wonderful gift from in-laws who know what lights you up!

Personal, Lasting and so Easy

Mallory knows her clients well after showing them dozens of homes. When it's a good match, she'll gift a Garden or Patio Tree for them to enjoy for years to come. 

Peaches for Grandma = Peach Pie for Everyone

She loved her birthday surprise!

Everyone's favorite

'Little Gem' magnolia offers all the splendor of a big tree in a small package. A lovely remembrance.

Planting love. Growing memories.

A pretty Garden Tree, delivered and planted, of course, will send a message of hope and brighter days ahead.

In memory of Zoe, faithful friend and lover of treats

It's hard to lose a beloved pet... this gorgeous Eastern redbud 'Forest Pansy' has grown prettier year-by-year. And it's comforting to know Zoe will never be forgotten.

Helping Clients Put Down New Roots

North San Diego County locals know Sandi Chenoweth and she knows her clientele. Many of them are enjoying the fruits of Sandi's labor: the wonderful home she found them and the beautiful gift tree she sent in thanks. She is truly a peach!


Roscoe's Tree

Losing a beloved pet is always so very hard. Gifting a pretty tree is a beautiful way to help soothe the pain and remember our best friends.

You Are Loved ~ No Matter How Far Away

Moving all the way across the country is stressful and can be both exciting and traumatic for families. Stephie's good friend in NY wanted them to know she loves them [and misses them] so she sent this beautiful lemon Patio Tree to remind them every day. And the boys go barefoot in winter -looks like they are getting used to the Cali ways.

Remembering Dad

A heart well-loved and always missed. This beautiful white birch was planted in remembrance back in the fall of 2011.

"Home is Where You Plant Your Roots!" click here for more

"Brilliant!" is how Heather describes the concept for The Wishing Tree Company. When she and her family relocated to San Diego from Texas, their real estate agent - Pete Caspersen, Coldwell Banker Encinitas - sent this beautiful Eureka Lemon Patio Tree. Citrus trees are an especially welcome spot of color year-round as they stay evergreen and are so easy to care for.