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Moving all the way across the country is stressful and can be both exciting and traumatic for families. Stephie's good friend in NY wanted them to know she loves them [and misses them] so she sent this beautiful lemon Patio Tree to remind them every day. And the boys go barefoot in winter -looks like they are getting used to the Cali ways.

Remembering Dad

A heart well-loved and always missed. This beautiful white birch was planted in remembrance back in the fall of 2011.

"Home is Where You Plant Your Roots!" click here for more

"Brilliant!" is how Heather describes the concept for The Wishing Tree Company. When she and her family relocated to San Diego from Texas, their real estate agent - Pete Caspersen, Coldwell Banker Encinitas - sent this beautiful Eureka Lemon Patio Tree. Citrus trees are an especially welcome spot of color year-round as they stay evergreen and are so easy to care for.

Leaving a Legacy on Campus click here for more

A grateful recent graduate of Miracosta College, Megan Boone called us for help. She wanted to donate a special tree to the Horticulture Department at the main campus in Oceanside. We found it, delivered it and planted it. It's a beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus [Eucalyptus deglupta] and it will be a wonder to watch it grow. UPDATE: see photo above for a look at the Rainbow just six months later. What a marvelous way to say 'thanks for everything!"

Remembering Chaplain Dominy

"We planted this lemon tree in memory of my dad, in honor of his 30 years of service as a Navy Chaplain. It is on the grounds of the assisted living residence where my mother still lives, and she enjoys taking daily walks out to visit the tree. The lemons it provides for her tea are an especially nice remembrance of something they used to share together."


Dawn Dominy Mayeda 

Father's Day

Dad loves a twist of lemon in his martinis. He'll always have one close at hand.

In Memory of Snickers, the Best Dog Ever

"It's a comfort to watch this tree grow bigger and more beautiful each year - such a great way to remember our good boy, Snickers." ~ Johnston Family

Memorial Tree Honors a True Hero

He was a Navy Chaplain and community leader. This lovely lemon tree honors his memory.

The Perfect Housewarming Gift

A housewarming gift from her Realtor. "The lemon tree made my new patio beautiful and my new house feels like home. Thanks!" ~ Jenny Tsoulos

Winner, winner!

Lucky Samantha won this beautiful lemon Patio Tree at Encinitas Environment Day.

Planting love. Growing memories.

Rachel is so proud of her very own 'Red Baron' peach tree!

Isabelle's Double Delight

Isabelle's mom selected the wonderful 'Double Delight' nectarine for her along with a 'Fuji' apple for her brother.


Baby Parker's Peach Tree click here to see the amazing growth of Tree #1

Here's where it all started - with Baby Parker's peach tree, planted February of 2010. He's a big boy now and his 'Eva's Pride' peach has grown up too. Along the way, Mom and Dad brought home a little brother, Trevor. And the tree has grown over the back fence where neighborhood kids can pick peaches when they skate, bike and walk by. It's Parker's very own tree, but he loves to share with everybody.

"Parker is so proud to have a tree of his own. He loves to take care of it and he loves to eat the peaches!" ~ Kelly & Barin Delatorre