Pachira 'Money Tree' [for Indoors]

money tree, pachira aquatica, feng shui tree

Just like our garden trees, Little Trees are a memorable and lasting gift. The Pachira or 'Money Tree' is a tropical evergreen prized for its bright green leaves and tree-like form. It's a cinch to grow indoors, bringing a cool and calm presence to any home or office. In feng shui, Money Tree is popular for enhancing the flow of energy and abundance. Our unique leaf placque will be engraved with your best wishes [Congratulations!] or personalized for the giftee [James A. Madison, CEO]. Makes a most special Thank You Gift! This special introductory price includes an easy care kit, personalized leaf plaque and delivery is FREE. Make it a "Blooming Money Tree" for just $10 more - it's the perfect gift for anyone launching a new business! Call us for this special order - 760-753-1760.

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