Our top quality Patio Trees are 5 gallon size - they are expertly planted on-site in a stylish container - a graceful focal point on any patio, deck or balcony. Select from our ‘menu’ or send the “Giftee’s Choice” so your giftees can choose their favorite. First, we’ll deliver a beautiful gift basket that features your personalized Garden Art Tree Tag.  Also there’s an elegant card celebrating the special occasion - it explains what you’ve sent and how to arrange delivery. If you want to give them the gift basket yourself, just select that box at checkout and we’ll deliver to your home or office. Then, when giftees are ready, we’ll delivery and place their beautiful tree.


Beautiful glossy green foliage and fragrant flowers make this attractive tree a favorite, but it’s the sweet, juicy and seedless fruit that no one can resist. It's perfect on a sunny patio or deck. The legendary fragrance of its blossoms will brighten many a winter day. A truly thoughtful gift that grows more beautiful year after year.


Clusters of brilliant pink flowers in late winter are followed by scarlet heart-shaped leaves that eventually turn green by summer. This ever-changing display makes Forest Pansy one of the prettiest small trees for any sunny deck, balcony or patio.

PixZee miniature peach tree

No room to plant? No worries! Our Patio Trees are perfect for sunny balconies, decks and yes, even patios! These peaches are gorgeous on the tree with bright reddish-orange skin. Pix Zee produces luscious full size yellow peaches that ripen mid-June.  Perfect timing for Fathers Day, June birthdays and anniversaries! Your personalized tree tag makes it extra special.