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Trees connect us! Today’s gardening boom is an opportunity for you to make deeper connections with your employees, whether it’s through your  incentive programs, service awards or to celebrate special achievements.

Why Trees? Since ancient times, in every culture around the world, trees have been planted to mark important milestones. And as we live and work in a more virtual world, it has never been more important to surround ourselves in what’s real and natural.

Our Garden Trees get planted right in the backyard – Patio Trees arrive in a stylish container that can go on any patio, deck or balcony. Either is a marvelous, lasting and memorable reminder that your company truly appreciates its dedicated employees. Let our gorgeous trees honor the relationship you’ve built together. They require little care but give so much in return: increased wellness, surprising health benefits, beauty, shade, fresh fruit from the backyard, cleaner air, better sleep, lower stress, and a sense of accomplishment!

With our premium quality fruit trees, you’ll give them the memorable and delightful experience of picking tangy & sweet tangerines every winter, amazing juicy peaches every summer, or those indispensable lemons year-round. Our gorgeous shade and ornamental trees provide a fabulous annual display of spring flowers or fall foliage year after year. Plus they take in and sequester carbon, release oxygen and shelter wildlife. Wow!

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A gift that honors the relationships you've built with your employees - that’s the magic of trees.

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Select a Patio Tree,
Garden Tree or 3 Tree Mini Orchard –
delivery & planting always included!

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We’ll deliver a deluxe gift basket with personalized Tree Tag.
A pretty greeting card tells them what tree you’ve sent
and how to schedule the tree delivery


When Giftees are ready, we’ll deliver
& plant their Wishing Tree.

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