The Wishing Tree Company provides our products and services for delivery in San Diego County, California. Nearby areas will be considered – please call us at 760-753-1760 to inquire.

As per website descriptions, your purchase of a Garden Tree gift package or Patio Tree gift package is a two-step process. We will deliver the gift basket within three days of ordering and the appropriate Wishing Tree when the recipients schedule the delivery/planting with us. There is no expiration date.

Because our beautiful trees are gifted for many different reasons, the response times from the recipients vary greatly. Some will schedule immediately upon receiving the gift basket, others wait. We’re ready when they are.

All trees are top quality and healthy when professionally delivered and planted. Recipients must provide appropriate care for them to flourish, in particular, water. Given the many other variables such as sunlight, fertilizer, soil conditions, climate anomalies etc, we cannot guarantee a given tree will thrive. We do our very best to be sure the planting site is good and the tree species and variety are matched to the climate and soils. We’re always happy to troubleshoot – don’t hesitate to reach out. We always strive to exceed expectations and value your insights.

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