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We’re a gift company specializing in beautiful trees delivered and planted. We have planted over a 1000 trees to date in backyards, gardens and patios throughout San Diego and Southern California. We have carefully selected the very best fruit trees, flowering ornamental trees and shade trees for our soils and climate. We help you make deeper connections through the magic of trees!
No, we are not a nursery and our planters are not landscapers. We are an ecommerce retail gift company specializing in beautiful trees delivered and planted. Our planters are gardening experts with superb customer service skills.

Research shows that people want gifts that are meaningful, unique and that make an emotional connection. Nothing does that better than a treasured tree for the backyard, garden or patio. When you’re celebrating a very special occasion
for very special family and friends, you need an extraordinary gift.

We serve San Diego County – free delivery is always included to any address in the county. But since our trees will perform beautifully in most areas of Southern California, we’ll consider special orders for Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

It’s easy! Just make a selection from the Garden Trees or Patio Trees menu (or select “Giftee’s Choice” to let your giftees choose their favorite.) For Garden Trees and Patio Trees, we’ll delivery our deluxe gift basket right away to let them know you’ve sent an amazing gift. Then, when your recipients are ready, we carefully deliver and expertly plant their tree. Patio Trees will be delivered in a stylish container, Garden Trees get planted in the ground. It’s as easy as sending flowers, but far more meaningful, sustainable and impressive.

That depends on the species. But in general, our in-ground Garden Trees are 4-7 feet tall, grown in 7-15 gallon containers. Patio Tree selections are in 5 gallon containers and tend to be 3-5 feet tall, again depending on the species. That said, many of them are perfect for very small spaces as they can be pruned to stay manageable.
No yard? No problem! We have dozens of beautiful selections for any sunny patio, balcony or deck. Choose from our Patio Trees menu.
Not much. A Wishing Tree is a gift – so we make sure it will thrive with just a little TLC. The trees are perfectly matched for our soils and climate. Plus, every gift tree comes with our Easy Tree Care Guide [one page specific to their tree -super simple], fertilizer, a handcrafted Garden Art Tree Tag, light duty garden gloves and pruners – our gift basket of tree care essentials. Overall, as long as the tree gets watered, it will do great.
Sure – just ask. If it will do well in Southern California, we can usually find the perfect tree on request. Call or text 760.753.1760 to get the info.
Absolutely. We will replace any Wishing Tree as long as it has been properly watered and protected from critters.
Some will grow better than others, particularly in more extreme climate zones. We do our best to match the right gift tree to the right location and are always happy to chat with you or your giftees.

Let’s say “almost everyone.” If they are outdoorsy, plant crazy, entertainers, great cooks, nature-loving, home and garden enthusiasts or treehuggers, then yes!

A Wishing Tree is the perfect birthday gift, housewarming gift, baby gift, or retirement gift. They are also great to celebrate a big promotion. Memorial trees provide deep comfort in a time of grief are also popular for beloved pets.
Foodies will love fruit trees, gardeners and nature lovers might prefer a landscape or shade tree, Mom will love a flowering ornamental tree that blooms every year near her birthday. And who doesn’t love fresh peaches right off the tree?

Need ideas and suggestions? Give us a call – we love to talk trees!

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, this is no time to stop planting trees in Southern California. In fact, trees use a lot less water than one might think and they provide long-term benefits. San Diego County Water Authority’s Model Drought ordinance states that even during an emergency “Stage 4 drought,” trees and shrubs should still be watered and maintained. Why? Trees are green-infrastructure investments and long-lived. Trees intercept rainfall in their canopies, slowdown runoff, and improve soil penetration, while recharging our groundwater. Their extensive root systems store excess water for future non-rainy days, and help control erosion. Unlike most plants, trees absorb limited rainfall very efficiently, and survive on minimal supplemental irrigation once established.

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