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  1. Read the greeting card – what kind of Wishing Tree did you receive? The card tells you if it’s a Patio Tree that will arrive in a pretty container or a Garden Tree that we will plant in the ground and also the species of tree. If you were sent a particular tree but have another in mind, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work.
    But wait, you lost the card? No worries – just give us a call at 760-753-1760
  2. Giftee’s Choice? Giftee’s Choice lets you select your favorite Wishing Tree from our website. See your options here for Giftees’ Choice Garden Tree or Giftees’ Choice Patio Tree then reach out to schedule delivery
  3. Does it expire? Nope. There is never an expiration- we’ll be ready when you are.
  4. Site Preparation – Most Patio Trees will need about a 3’ x 3’ clearance. Garden Trees’ needs will vary but it’s important that the site drains well and is free of current vegetation, roots & rocks. Our planters bring hand tools only, so the site must be “reasonably diggable”. Most of the year, it is helpful to pre-soak the planting area a few days in advance to help give your tree a great start.
With a quick convo, we can help you figure out the best Wishing Tree for your lifestyle, micro-climate, yard, garden, patio, balcony or deck. Sunny, shady, windy, wet, dry… no worries. We’ll find just the right Wishing Tree for you.
We can usually offer a very reasonable price when you want an additional tree or two. Be sure to ask when you schedule your delivery.
We’re happy can arrange to re-gift your Wishing Tree to a local school garden, community garden or hospital healing garden.

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