Celebrating something truly extraordinary? This is your equally extraordinary gift! Three premium quality 15 gallon size fruit trees – delivered and planted, of course. Your giftees can choose among dozens of the finest and best-performing fruit trees for our area. Apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples -we got ’em. Citrus? Only the sweetest and best. Your giftees will enjoy a fabulous flush of blooms every spring followed by a summer-long parade of the tantalizing fruit. We’ll guide them to the fruits they love the most and will plant for a successive harvest – three months or more of fragrantly delicious, fresh-picked fruit from their own backyard. We are able to plant in a fairly small space by utilizing the principles of Backyard Orchard Culture, so even a little yard will work. This is a perfect choice from a group for a wedding [his, hers, ours!] or retirement gift. Or for the lucky family with triplets on the way!

Deluxe Gift Basket & Personalized Tree Tag Included!