Planting love. Growing memories. Part 9

baby and same child at 4 year old with tree planted for her birth

The baby whose birth it honors may not fully appreciate the gift - although this little cutie seems very proud of her tree, doesn't she? But the 4-and-a-half year old is pretty excited about those peaches that she will be picking in August, just in time for her birthday! Planting love. Growing memories.

Arbor Day & Dixie Cups

Long before there was Earth Day [1970] there was Arbor Day, a tribute to the royalty of the plant world. Trees sustain life on earth by providing oxygen and moderating temperatures so that we humans can function. How smart of Julius Sterling Morton to promote the idea of a day dedicated to trees and tree-planting on the plains of Nebraska way back then.

You're Never Too Young to Leave a Lasting Legacy [click on pic]

small rainbow eucalyptus at planting and one year later

When Megan Boone, of Nature Containers Vintage Garden Art, graduated the horticulture program at Miracosta College, she wanted to say thanks to the faculty and college in a big way. What better choice than to donate a tree that The Wishing Tree Company sourced, delivered and planted? In less than a year, this sweet little euc has tripled in size! In another year or two it will begin to exhibit the colorful bark it's named for. If you have a special tree in mind for a special person, give us a call - we love a challenge!

Come Along with Me to the Sweetheart Tree [click pic for more]

tabebuia tree, pink blossoms, spring tree in bloom

There's a very corny old song that was in a movie but you have to admit the words take you back to a time long ago:

"They say if you kiss the right sweetheart, the one you've been waiting for

the blossoms of white will burst into sight

and your love will be true evermore!"

Pink blossoms, like this tabebuia tree, will work just as well.

Looking Ahead... [click on pic]

Eighty foot tall Star Pine, Norfolk Island Pine, Encinitas Heritage Tree

It's impossible to know exactly what will become of our gift trees, but we love the story of the Encinitas Heritage tree by Moonlight Beach. Back in 1951, two boys planted a little Norfolk Island pine for a Mother's Day gift. That was 64 years ago! Today, it has become one of Encinitas' Heritage Trees. Nearly 100 ft. tall, it is decorated for Christmas every year with thousands of lights. It's a delight for kids of all ages and you can see it from any big hill or bluff east of the freeway. An amazing sight from the Botanical Gardens.

Chill Hours...Hooray! [click on the pic]

forest in winter, peaceful snow scene

We got some snow in our local mountains with the recent rain. For so many reasons, we're thrilled to see it - kids can go play, snow melt helps relieve the drought better than rain, and best of all, the cold weather helps many fruit trees produce fruit. It was amazing back in July when The Wishing Tree Company was at the Del Mar Fair. So many people were amazed that we can grow wonderful peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums in our very mild winter climate.

Time & Tides Wait for No One (click the pic)

autumn colors, trees, lake

A fascinating article today explained how we perceive time through the course of our lives.  It explained why our first twenty years are so memorable and seem to last forever. In our recalling those years, most of us do have the sense that they stretched out and moved slowly. This part really struck me: our sense of time passing from age 60 to 80 (for those so lucky) is perceived as just 13% of our lifetime.  No wonder it seems to zip by so quickly. And no wonder we love to document it in photos. How did we ever manage without Instagram?